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Iredell County Solid Waste/Recycling


Banned items information

The following items have been banned from disposal in North Carolina landfills. This does not mean we will not take them; instead they must be separated for recycling.

  • Wooden pallets
  • Motor Oil
  • Used Motor Oil Filters
  • Anti-Freeze
  • Plastic bottles (excepting oil bottles)
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Electronics, televisions, computers; monitors, servers, towers and accessories.
  • Lead Acid Batteries
  • Yardwaste
  • White Goods
  • Whole tires



For a list of electronics manufacturers who offer take back programs

The following retailers also accept electronics for recycling. For more information please contact the local branch of Goodwill, Best Buy, Radio Shack, Staples or Office Depot.

How & Why We Should Recycle?

You are helping Iredell County every time you recycle. You play an important role in the recycling process. The success of the program depends on each of us doing our part for our future environment. A few simple things to remember are:

  • Know what is recyclable…see the list here or ask for a brochure at any of the Iredell County recycling locations. Schools and civic groups are offered programs to teach recycling through the Environmental Services Supervisor.
  • Remember as you collect the materials at home that you should take all lids off (they jam machines), we don’t have to take labels off but it is good to rinse containers out. Papers can include staples and plastic windows.
  • Always sort each different material into the appropriate bin at the recycling site and please, NEVER put the storage bag or container in the bin too!
  • When plastic bags or boxes are tossed in with the recyclables someone has to remove them. This is unnecessary labor that can be avoided by removing the materials as they are placed in the bin. When a glass jar is put in the bin to recycle and it still has food in it or we put brown and clear glass in the same bin we contaminate the whole load. A load of glass is about 9 tons and all is lost if there is contamination.
  • Be sure to always read the signs posted and pay attention to directions and new items recycled. The rules change often as markets for the materials change so keep up to date and help encourage others too.
  • When we throw away just one can or bottle we are throwing away our precious resources as well as a marketable commodity. We should all be more aware of what we throw away. There is no "Away," the trash has to go somewhere.
  • Please help!

We all can make a difference…Recycle Today!


Residential Recycling

County Recycling: All Iredell County residents have the opportunity to recycle at their home by taking their recyclables to any of the Iredell County Recycling Sites. Basic Recyclables, Scrap metal, White goods (large appliances), Motor Oil, Cooking Oil, Tires, Antifreeze, Textiles, Electronics and Auto Batteries are also accepted at these sites.


City of Statesville residents are provided curbside recycling through the city. For more information please click on the following link. http://www.statesvillenc.net/Departments/PublicWorks/Recycling/tabid/273/Default.aspx The Town of Mooresville offers a curbside recycling program to residents living in single family homes, townhomes and duplexes. To register, click here and enter the required information, including your trash pickup day and subdivision, if you live in one. The Town will deliver a 96 gallon BLUE rollout recyclables container to registered participants. The container will be emptied EVERY OTHER WEEK on a designated trash day. For more information, call 704-664-4278.

The Town of Troutman offers curbside recycling and waste removal for its residents. Residents should contact the Town Offices for details at 704-528-7600 or click on this link.


Business & Industry Recycling

The Recycling Office is available to help your business with waste assessments upon request. Let us help you reduce your waste, set up a recycling program and save money. For information on this free service call 704-878-5430 or email ??????

The North Carolina Department of Pollution Prevention offers grants to recycling businesses. Check their web page for information and assistance:


The North Carolina Waste Trader (http://www.ncwastetrader.org) is an excellent source for businesses to find use for discarded materials. Look for items or exchange, trade or sell items and avoid tipping fees. The service is free.

What's Recyclable?

Recyclables Accepted:

  1. Plastic bottles : … if it is a BOTTLE (Milk, drink, catsup, medicine, detergent, film container, shampoo & other BOTTLES.)     
    NO plastic bags, cups, bowls, dishes, toys…Please rinse bottles out


  1. Aluminum Cans:  Drink cans and some cat food cans are accepted.
    NO aluminum foil or pie pans NO steel mixed with aluminum cans
  2. Steel Food Cans       Separate aluminum from steel.
  3. Mixed paper: includes all clean dry paper (news, magazines, catalogues, phonebooks, junk mail, office paper, notebook paper, adding machine paper shredded paper, etc.).  staples, plastic windows, clips & paper clips are OK!
  4. Glass: Clean Clear, and Brown (Only food containers & drink bottles)
  5. Cardboard

If in doubt…. ASK!


Other Recyclables:

  • Aluminum doors and windows - Separated for recycling.
    Twin Oaks, Statesville Site ONLY
  • Antifreeze
    Available for homeowners 5 gallons at a time.
  • Appliances
    Large Household (stoves, washer, hot water heater, etc.) recycled at all sites.
  • Auto Batteries  add Rechargeable
    Are recycled at all the Iredell County Recycling Facilities for homeowners.
  • Cooking Oil
  • Electronics Recycling
    Recycled at all locations for residents. YEAR-ROUND. Computers and other electronic office  equipment.  This is open to homeowners only. A charge of $10 per unit will apply to CRT (the old picture tube type) televisions and computer monitors. CRT’s will  be  accepted  at Twin Oaks Solid Waste Facility in Statesville and the Mooresville Transfer Station only.  All other items on this list will be accepted free of charge at any Solid Waste Site. Businesses may contact 704-928-2024 for information on recycling electronics.
  • Household Hazardous Waste
    Twice Yearly -  Spring and Fall - Last Saturday morning in April held at the Mooresville  Public Operations Center on Hwy 21, Mooresville and last Saturday afternoon in September  held at the Iredell County Solid Waste Facility, Twin Oaks Road, Statesville. (see important notices for details). Example of materials accepted at these events: Paint and related materials, automotive fluids and cleaners, pesticides, herbicides and lawn care products, fluorescent and CFL bulbs and ballasts, mercury and metallic materials and non-chargeable batteries.  
    Household and automotive materials are often hazardous waste and should be saved for a Hazardous Waste Disposal Date. Residents may contact a private firm specializing in this disposal. The one-day semi-annual event is for homeowners only. Business can contact the Recycling Coordinator for industrial contacts.
  • Mail Box Group   
    This is a group of small recyclable items accepted at all sites in mailboxes.    Items include: Eye glasses, Hearing Aids, Cell Phones, Rechargeable Batteries and Printer Cartridges.
  • Paint Swap Shop
    Usable latex paint will be accepted at the Iredell County Solid Waste/Recycling Facility at the Twin Oaks Site, Statesville ONLY. Latex paint is accepted daily and  distributed on Fridays only. Another Alternative:  Left over paint may be solidified by adding sand, dirt or kitty litter to fill and absorb the paint or be poured on cardboard to dry. When the paint is a solid it can then be disposed of in the trash safely.  No liquids of any kind are permitted in the landfill.
  • Pesticide Containers
    Recycled at the 901 and Twin Oaks Sites ONLY;  must be triple rinsed.
  • BIG Plastics        
    Large plastic items separated from other waste.      Furniture, Toys, Bed Liners, Trash Cans, Buckets, Barrels, Flower Pots, Car Bumpers, , Storage Boxes. Accepted at Twin Oaks, Mooresville Transfer and West Iredell Convenience Site only. Free to homeowners but tipping fees will be charged to commercial customers.
  • Scrap Metal
    Recycled at all facilities. This includes items like: bicycles, storm doors, grills, lawn mowers without gas tanks, tin, metal lawn furniture or any assortment of scrap metals.
  • Tires
    Homeowners are allowed 5 per year off the rim.  Additional tires are accessed a fee at convenient sites  or a fee of  $80.00 per ton on or off the rim at Twin Oaks or Mooresville sites.
  • Used Oil
    Is recycled by many stores and stations. All the Iredell County Recycling Sites accept used oil from homeowners. 
  • Used Oil Filters. Recycled at all sites, Must be drained and are accepted from homeowners only.  Businesses should contact a service provider for their needs.
  • Wood Waste, Yard Waste & Christmas Trees
    All clean dry, natural wood recycled at all locations except the 901 Site.
    • Special note Re. Mooresville
      No yard waste accepted on Saturday afternoon or Sunday
      No yard waste accepted after 6 pm weekdays

Not Recycled (In Iredell County)

  • Plastic Bags (Return to store for recycling)
  • Bottle and Can Lids
  • Styrofoam
  • Other colors of glass, mirrors, ceramics, plate glass or light bulbs.
  • Waxed cardboard

No more than 1 pickup load accepted per trip. No truck and trailer load accepted. Attendant has full discretion and can ask that the load be taken to the Statesville Site.


Automotive Recycling

Motor Oil never wears out and can be recycled and reused again and again. Motor oil poured on the ground, in a storm drain or put in the trash (even in a container) can contaminate the soil, groundwater, streams and rivers.

Did you know?

  • Just 2 gallons of motor oil can generate enough electricity to run an average household for almost 24 hours.
  • A single quart of motor oil can pollute 250,000 gallons of water.

Antifreeze Waste antifreeze contains heavy metals in high enough levels to regulate it as a hazardous waste. Disposing of antifreeze inappropriately can cause serious water quality problems; can harm people, pets and wildlife. Buying recycled antifreeze is less expensive than virgin antifreeze.

Auto Batteries even lawn mower batteries are hazardous due to the metals and acid in the batteries. A typical battery contains 18 pounds of lead and a pound of sulfuric acid. Batteries should never go in the trash. Nearly 99% of a vehicle battery can be recycled and used again.
Did you know?

  • More than 5 million batteries are disposed of improperly and not recycled every year.

Tires An estimated 270 million car and truck tires are discarded each year in the US. Over 2 billion sit in large stockpiles, which are highly susceptible to fires that cause air pollution and to breeding mosquitoes. Most tires can be recycled.

Did you know?

  • One single mile of pavement could use 20,000 shredded or ground tires.
  • Homeowners can recycle 5 tires per year at any Iredell County Recycling Sites.

Junk Mail Terminator

Just Say No To Junk Mail

This information has been compiled by the N.C. Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance. It will help you get off mailing lists and stop unwanted telemarketing calls and e-mail "spam."

Not only does junk mail clog the postal system and create a nuisance for you, but it also uses up valuable natural resources and contributes to pollution and litter problems. For every ton of paper generated in the form of junk mail, 17 trees are destroyed. Tons of junk mail is going to landfills around the country every day, depleting precious landfill space.

How did I get on these mailing lists?

Every time you provide your name and address to receive a product or service, there's a good chance you are being added to one or more mailing lists. When you buy a car, have a baby, make a purchase from a catalog, give money to a charity or fill out a product registration card, your name will likely be entered into a computer database.
Stop the junk mail!

  • Ask credit card companies and other businesses and organizations with which you do business not to sell, rent or trade your name.
  • Call (888) 567-8688 to request credit-reporting firms to delete your name from their mailing list.
  • Send your name and its variations to:

    Mail Preference Service
    Direct Marketing Association
    PO Box 282
    Carmel, NY 10512

    To request that your name and its variations be deleted from the direct mail preference list.
  • Send a card to:

    Consumer Assistance
    PO Box 249
    Windsor, CT 06905

    and request that your name and address be removed from their mailing list. Be sure to include your signature along with your request.
  • Call the NCDENR Division of Environmental Assistance and Outreach at 919-707-8200

Recycling Education

Iredell County Recycling is available for presentations to schools, businesses, not-for-profits, faith-based organizations, civic groups, governmental organizations, and the public Presentations can be tailored to meet your needs. To schedule a presentation on recycling call 704-878-5430 or 704-928-2024

Services include programs for groups, landfill tours, composting education, waste assessments, information and display at special events.