Official looking letter isn’t official

Several homeowners have recently contacted the Iredell Register of Deeds office about official looking letters from the “Local Records Office” offering to provide a copy of their deed (“…the only document that identifies you as a property owner…”) for $89. To encourage recipients to act quickly, the letter also includes a “Please Respond By” date.

The return address is a rented mailbox in Raleigh. Con artists know people pay attention to mail that appears to be sent by a government agency, so they use official looking correspondence to scare people into opening their wallets.

Your deed is kept on file in the Iredell County Register of Deeds office and can be obtained at little or no cost. Please contact the Deeds office if you’d like to obtain a copy of your deed or to report a similar scam.

Thank you,
Matt McCall
Register of Deeds

Sample of letter

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