HOT Lanes Information

The NCDOT has established two project websites for the HOT lanes project:

MUMPO has posted some information on its website:

Here are some studies of HOT lanes and managed lanes:

A citizens group called Widen that opposes the HOT lanes has created this website:

This is the media coverage of a public information workshop held in Huntersville on February 27th.

There are a number of ways for citizens to comment on the HOT lanes proposal.  Iredell County Planning Department, MUMPO, or the fix77now.blogspot accept comments continuously.  MUMPO will host formal public meetings in March and April in preparation for the first vote on the project-the vote to amend Charlotte’s transportation plan to include the HOT lanes project.  (Meeting locations and times are to be determined.  Please check back with this website or MUMPO’s website) .  From now until approximately October 2013 the HOT lanes project could significantly change based on citizen input.  The NCDOT sincerely considers the things citizens say.











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