Thread Trail Annual Report

This report details the past year’s accomplishments in implementing the Carolina Thread Trail in Iredell County.  In 2013 seven or more Thread Trail projects will be either in planning, design, or construction.  Please call Iredell County Planning, Development, and Transportation Services (704.878.5362) if you would like to help with any of these projects:

1.Girl Scouts Hornet’s Nest Council:  Turnersburg Highway across from Allison’s Woods

2.Bigleaf Slopes:  new county park in development off Fanjoy Rd

3.Highway 150 widening:  design will include sidewalks, greenways, or bike lanes, including on the bridge over the Catawba River

4.Bridge underneath Highway 21: near Chili’s

5.Shelton Avenue streetscaping: design will include sidewalks, greenways, or bike lanes

6.Richardson Greenway Extension:  in downtown Troutman

7.Charlotte-Rail Trail along Highway 115: southern Mooresville to county line


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