Health Alert: Swimming Advisory Posted Coves Near Williamson Rd./1109 Bridge in Mooresville



May 15, 2013                                                                                           704-878-5337 Office

Contact: Liz Crawford, Public Information Officer                             704-832-2396 Fax

 Swimming Advisory Posted

 Coves Near Williamson Rd./1109 Bridge in Mooresville

 Those who swim in the coves near the Williamson Rd./1109 Bridge area are being warned about higher bacteria levels due to a recent sewage spill.

Local health officials have issued a water quality swimming advisory for this area.

Signs have been posted warning people they should not swim in the coves near this area.

The advisory is for everyone, however, children, pregnant women and those who have trouble fighting disease are at the most risk of getting sick from swimming in these high bacteria areas.

Swimming in this area may cause you to get sick. The most common sickness is gastroenteritis (stomach issues) which can cause nausea, vomiting, stomachache, fever, headache and diarrhea. People can also get eye, ear, nose and throat problems.

This issue is being monitored daily through laboratory water testing and the Iredell County Public Health Department will inform the community when the swimming advisory is lifted.

For additional information, please call the Iredell County Public Health Department: (704) 878-5334 if you have questions about illnesses.  Contact the Environmental Health Department at (704) 878-5358 if you have any other questions about this advisory.


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