HOT Lanes Design Maps

HOT lanes design maps are now available at the project website* and here:  Exits 35-36Williamson Rd, Langtree Rd, Causeway.  The document which details potential impacts to waterways, endangered species, people, businesses, and utilities-the Environmental Assessment-is posted on the website as well.  In Iredell County the NCDOT will not acquire additional right-of-way.  Impacts to existing homes and businesses should be minimal (including buildings colored orange on the design maps.  They are not colored orange for any particular reason besides proximity to interstate.)

The HOT lanes terminate closer to the Brawley School Exit than Exit 36, though the new six-lane highway continues a little farther north than Exit 36.

*click on I-77 HOT lanes, then “show more”, then “…All_Alts_PSH11, 12, 13 & 14″.


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