Iredell County Sheriff




The Patrol Enforcement Unit is divided into four squads. These units patrol the 595 square miles of Iredell County and serve more than 190,000 citizens.  The Patrol Unit enforces the traffic laws of the State of North Carolina as well as the General Statutes. The Patrol Unit provides 24 hour law enforcement coverage for Iredell County.

Supervisor: Major Todd Carver
Shift Supervisors: Lt. Guy Jenkins, Sgt. Jacob Dyson, Lt. Mike Bova, Sgt. Joel Hepler, Lt. Doyle Summers, Lt. Joel Hepler, Sgt. Marsha Bumgarner

Members of the Road Enforcement Unit



CID Patch


The Criminal Investigation Unit is responsible for conducting criminal investigations of all citizen complaints. Detectives assigned to this unit process crime scenes, collect evidence, present cases to the District Attorney and testify in court. CID investigates cases ranging from damage of property to murder.

Supervisor: Major Andy Poteat , Lt. Errin Jenkins, Lt. Brian Boyd

CID Subdivisions:

Fraud/White Collar:
Lt. Allen Sipes, Sgt. Derek Getz

Sgt. Cameron Jones, Sgt. Julie Wyatt, Sgt. Scott Hall, Sgt. Nathan Speaks, Sgt. Jason Hampton, Sgt. Jamie Robb, Sgt. Gene Hayes

Crime Scene Investigation:
Dep. Tony Davis






The Iredell County Special Victims Unit investigates all crimes of domestic violence, sexual assault, child physical abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect.  They monitor domestic violence protection order compliance, as well as provide transportation for victims to court, medical facilities, shelter, and other locations.  Along with this, they investigate cases involving assault on the elderly and the handicapped.  The Sex Offender Registry Division of this unit registers sex offenders in Iredell County, maintains the registry, and verifies addresses of registered offenders. 

Captain. Julie Gibson      704-928-4670

Juvenile /Family - Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Child Abuse:
Sgt. Daniel Icard,  Sgt. Amy Dyson, Sgt. Mike BenfieldSgt. Katie Harwell, Deputy David Price

Domestic Violence Unit




The unit is comprised of one supervisor and two detectives. This unit has been in existence since August 2005.
The focus of the unit is to investigate crimes primarily involving financial issues, some of which include:

  • Identity Theft
  • Credit/Debit Card Theft
  • Credit/Debit Card Fraud
  • Counterfeit Checks
  • Counterfeit Currency
  • Financial Exploitation of the Elderly
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Uttering Forged Documents
  • Financial Internet Crimes
  • Forgery

The unit works with local, state and federal agencies on a regular basis due to the fluid nature of the crimes involved in this specialized section. Currently we are the only agency in the local government arena in Iredell County with this specialized unit.
Because these crimes are much easier to prevent than they are to investigate and solve, the ECU actively reaches out to civic and church groups in an effort to conduct presentations to educate citizens. The presentations are conducted in hopes of preventing future victims or mitigating the level of crime to which the victim may become.





The Crime Scene Investigations Unit is a branch of the Criminal Investigations Unit of the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office. The Crime Scene Unit responds 24 hours a day to support Patrol and Detective personnel in the investigative, documentary and recovery process of evidence at crime scenes. The Crime Scene Unit assists in the investigation of homicides and violent crimes, in addition to any other investigation where their services may be helpful. Crime Scene Unit personnel receive specialized training in crime scene reconstruction, photography, evidence handling and processing. In addition, they are trained in the casting of tire and shoe impressions, impression analysis, blood pattern analysis, and trajectory analysis. The Crime Scene Unit is the forensic services section of the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office. The mainstream field of forensics is fingerprinting, latent print lifting and latent print examination and analysis. Crime Scene Unit personnel are charged with the forensics portion of the investigation, from their arrival at the scene all the way through providing expert testimony at trial. The Crime Scene Unit is required to preserve, collect, process, testify and present evidence in court. All of these skills are applied to physical evidence to determine if the evidence matches the version of events provided by victims, witnesses, or suspects.

Crime Scene and Lab Staff

Tech: Deputy Tony Davis

Lab Director: Misty Icard

Tanya Pallotta - BS – Latent Print Examiner / Forensic Drug Chemist specializing in Marijuana analysis / BAC Case Reviewer
Certified as a Latent Print Examiner through the International Association for Identification (CLPE-IAI)

Randy Horton  - BS – Latent Print Examiner
Certified as a Latent Print Examiner through the International Association for Identification (CLPE-IAI)



The Iredell County Sheriff’s Office Crime Laboratory was created in 2007 through various grant opportunities with the hope to alleviate the long backlog of forensic evidence analysis that was plaguing the state.  The initial disciplines that were created were marijuana testing and Latent Print Analysis.  In 2008, a Forensic Drug Chemist was hired as the Laboratory Director to expand drug testing from marijuana to include analysis of all illicit substances in Schedules I thru VI for both the state and federal judicial systems.  The current Forensic Drug Chemists are also certified to respond to Clandestine Laboratories and process the scene for evidence, which they provide in Iredell County only.  In November 2013, the Crime Laboratory opened a Toxicology Discipline and began analyzing blood samples for Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Analysis.  In April 2014, the laboratory obtained accreditation thru ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board/Forensic Quality Services (FQS) that is based upon ISO17025:2005 standards and supplemented by forensic specific requirements.  The laboratory not only serves Iredell County but also provides services to Guilford, Forsyth, Rowan, Davie, Davidson, Alexander, Lincoln, and Cleveland Counties, covering more than thirty agencies.  The laboratory employs the following personnel:

Misty S. Icard, BS - Laboratory Director and Forensic Drug Chemist
Certified as a Fellow in Drug Analysis with the American Board of Criminalistics (F-ABC)
Certified in Clandestine Laboratory Response
Lori A. Knops, Part-time BS – Quality Assurance Officer, Forensic Drug Chemist, and Forensic Toxicologist in Blood Alcohol Analysis
DHHS Permit to Perform Chemical Analysis of Blood, Permit #353
Certified as a Fellow in Drug Analysis with the American Board of Criminalistics (F-ABC)
Certified in Clandestine Laboratory Response
Mike Hager– Evidence Control Technician and Administrative Support
Robert Briner, PhD – Forensic Drug Chemistry Case Reviewer




The Property and Evidence Section is charged with the control, care, custody and security of items seized, recovered, evidentiary property, as well as, items that have been abandoned, lost or recovered that are in the custody of Iredell County Sheriff’s Office. The Property and Evidence Section operates Monday to Friday during the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. This is a critical section of the Sheriff’s Office that supports both the Patrol and Investigative areas by maintaining evidence and property for criminal trials and by providing a method of returning property to its rightful owner. The Property and Evidence Section constantly strives to achieve and maintain the integrity, respect and reputation that is expected by the public. Property that is scheduled to be released from custody or control can be obtained in person with proper identification and proof of ownership on Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. Call in advance to make an appointment (704) 878-3183 to avoid delays.

Property and Evidence Staff                
Kathy Parks



The Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the service of all Civil Processes within Iredell County.  These processes include Magistrate Summons, Civil Summons, Domestic Violence Orders, Claim and Deliveries, Writs for Possession (real and personal property), Civil Orders for Arrest, Juvenile Summons, Tax Warrants, Attachments, Writs of Executions (enforcement of money judgments), and Child Custody Orders.

Approximately 18,000 various civil papers are entered through the Civil Process unit. There are 11 deputies who handle the bulk of the civil process papers.

Office Hours:  Monday - Friday   8:00am - 5:00pm
(Civil process papers can only be entered and processed at the Statesville Location:)
230 N. Tradd St
P.O. Box 287
Statesville, NC 28687
(704) 878-3186

Service Fees: 
- $30 for in-state papers
(paid at the Clerks office - effective 8-1-2011)
- $50 for out-of-state papers
Payments accepted are:  Cash, Money Order or Cashier's Check.  NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED.  Checks should be made payable to the Office of the Sheriff of Iredell County. 
Papers must be received within 15 working days prior to the court date. Faxed copies are served only in case of an emergency.
All papers must be dated, signed, and have a file number listed.  Papers MUST list a physical address for the defendant.  WE CANNOT SERVE A POST OFFICE BOX.


  • You must obtain a Magistrate Summons / Complaint In Summary Ejectment from the Clerk Of Court
  • The Clerk Of Court is required to set the court date for Summary Ejectments within seven days of the date if issuance.
  • The summons is then brought to the Sheriff’s Office for service.

In order for the Sheriff’s Office to remove a tenant, a Writ of Possession for Real Property is necessary.



Important Information:

  • All sales are made subject to all liens and encumbrances, which become effective prior to the judgment or execution lien under which the sale is being held.  All bidders are responsible for doing their own research to determine the amount of liens, mortgages, encumbrances, or other property interest, which may affect the property being sold.
  • A purchaser can acquire only the interest the judgment debtor possessed in the property when the lien became effective.
  • The purchaser then becomes responsible to pay the prior liens if he wishes to retain possession and ownership of the property.
  • The rule of "caveat emptor," or let the buyer beware, applies to all purchasers of property at execution sales.
  • All sales are sold "as is" with no warranty.
  • Any real property sold under execution remains subject to all liens, which became effective prior to the lien of the judgment pursuant to which the sale is held, in the same manner and to the same extent as if no such sale had been held.
  • The Sheriff encourages prospective bidders to research real property at the register of deeds, county tax office, and clerk of court.
  • Every sale shall be made for cash.

From North Carolina General Statutes:
1-339.68(b), 1-339.47

All sales are subject to cancellation.


Supervisor: Lt. Melodye Redmond

Sgt. Bobby Grubb, Dep. Tim Vanderburg, Dep. John Aponik, Dep. Todd Hooks, Dep. Rick Fearing, Dep. Kendell Hillard, Dep Scott Rinehardt, Dep. Marty Lewis, Dep. Gary Mayhorn




The VICE/Narcotics Unit conducts investigations regarding the illegal use of controlled substances within the County. The Vice/Narcotics Unit utilizes undercover operations to identify and arrest individuals that are involved in prostitution, illegal gambling as well as the distribution of illegal drugs. Cases made by the Vice/Narcotics Unit are handled in State court as well as Federal Court. The Vice/Narcotics Unit works closely with other local, State and Federal law enforcement agencies. There are currently six detectives assigned to the unit along with four Interstate Criminal Enforcement (I.C.E.) Officers.

Supervisor: Captain Bill Hamby

Interstate Criminal Enforcement (ICE)

The Interstate Criminal Enforcement unit is one of many support units within the Sheriff’s Office. The I.C.E. unit’s primary function is traffic enforcement while at times being called upon to assist Detectives and Road Patrol with various duties. The I.C.E unit assists with Criminal Investigations, speed reduction and DWI enforcement within Iredell County primarily within the scope of Interstates I-40 and I-77 as a reduction strategy for traffic accidents, impaired driver and speed reduction to make our interstates safer.



Shoulderpatch ACE


Ace Team

The Aggressive Criminal Enforcement Unit is one of the support units within the Sheriff’s Office. The ACE team’s primary function is traffic enforcement as well as assists Detectives, Road Patrol, K-9 and the Narcotics Units with drug investigations. The ACE Team conducts DWI checkpoints, Drivers License and Criminal information checkpoints as well as street level investigations on controlled substances. The ACE team also assists with Criminal Investigations, responding to "hot-spots" where criminal activity is reported; speed reduction and DWI enforcement within Iredell and surrounding Counties in cooperation with multi-agency traffic safety grant funded programs.

ACE Team Staff

Supervisor: Major Andy Poteat

Members of the ACE Team:
Lt. Chris Stone, Sgt. Ernie Line, Sgt. Chad Bentley , Sgt. Ryan Sherrill, Sgt. K-9 Brandon Johnson



Detention Patch


For more information on the Detention Unit, click on the above patch.




The Criminal Warrant Service Unit is responsible for the service of all criminal papers received by the Sheriff's Office. The unit apprehends wanted individuals and processes them through the judicial system.

Supervisor: Major Todd Carver

Lt. Barry Tilley, Dep. James Lett, Dep. Derrick Stutts, Dep. Carl Adams




Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team (S.E.R.T.)

The Sheriff's Emergency Response Tactics Team, or S.E.R.T. is a specialized unit within the Sheriff’s Office that is comprised of qualified officers with various assignments within the department. The S.E.R.T. Unit has the primary responsibilities of responding to hostage situations, barricaded criminals, high risk warrant service, and situations that are beyond the capability of standard law enforcement officers tactics, training, and resources.  S.E.R.T.'s number one goal in any call out is the protection of lives and the safe resolution of the incident.  Through strenuous training and extreme dedication, S.E.R.T. members are ready for any situation. The S.E.R.T. Unit also has specially trained Crisis Negotiators that respond to assist in the safe resolution of each incident.


Canine Unit

K-9 Unit

Chief  Marty Byers - Supervisor
"K-9 "
My eyes are your eyes, to watch and protect you and yours.
My ears are your ears, to hear and detect evil in the dark.
My nose is your nose, to scent the invader of our domain.
And so you may live, my life is also yours.

-Author Unknown

The Police Service Dog is a valuable tool in the fight against crime for the Iredell County Sheriff's Office. The Canine Unit trains to be utilized in multipurpose deployment. Most frequently they are used in tracking lost persons or fleeing suspects. However they have many other uses. They can search buildings for unauthorized persons hiding inside. During the service of search warrants they can be used to search for persons or illegal narcotics. It may even become necessary to utilize a police service dog for searching vehicles for illegal narcotics at times. When requested by the schools the Iredell County Canine Unit assists them in searching for drugs in our schools.

While our K-9 officer’s primary responsibilities are the protection of officers and civilians they also serve as a link between the Sheriff’s Office and the community.

The use of the Canine Unit in demonstrations, exhibitions, and special events opens lines of communication and understanding. The presence of the police service dog stimulates conversation and serves as a link between the officer and the community. There is also a significant psychological impact in the community given the presence of a K-9 officer. The perception of increased security is readily apparent during peripheral conversations during demonstrations and special events.

Given the public perception and the tangible link established by the Canine Unit between the department and the community, the K-9 officer is expected to participate in demonstrations, special events, and other exhibitions. During these events, the K-9 officer uses his/her police service dog to educate the community on its use; open a dialogue regarding K-9 operations and community expectations. The K-9 officer is also expected to seize opportunities to use the police service dog to open communication lines and increase understanding and knowledge in the community on a daily basis.



Community Oriented Policing (C.O.P.S.)

Supervisor: Lt. Brian Fink

Several years ago, Sheriff Redmond implemented the C.O.P.S. philosophy department wide. A specialized team of officers were assigned to the southwest quadrant of the county. As the population, traffic and potential for criminal activity increased in that section, a grant was obtained and implemented the program. The program worked so well, Sheriff Redmond is constantly researching other grant opportunities to improve the quality of life for Iredell County residents. Community policing is the basis of modern policing; so you will find us out there on patrol, always observant and aware of the usual and the unusual, always prepared to respond quickly and professionally when duty calls. We take a modern, proactive approach to policing, engaging the community in professional and positive ways to set the tone of order and civility.  The constant patrol presence of our officers greatly impacts the crime picture in our county, helping to keep violent crimes and property loss or damage as low as possible. Yet we are reminded every day that the ultimate responsibility for peace, crime prevention, crime detection, and criminal apprehension resides not only with our officers but with our citizens as well. The job simply cannot be done without the input and cooperation of our community. Comity and cooperation between the community and their police is what creates and keeps a peaceful and progressive society. For that reason, citizen involvement and coordination is our Department’s most treasured asset.

C.O.P.S Team Members

Sgt. Matt Burleyson, Sgt. Chris Smith, Dep. Darren Hill, Dep. David Purcell, Dep. David Harding

Traffic Unit: Dep. Adam Blackburn, Dep. Michael File




Lake Enforcement Unit

Lake Enforcement Unit

Lake Norman was created for McGuire Power Plant to act as the cooling agent for the reactors.

The lake started filling up in 1964.

There are 570 miles of shoreline, 279 of which are in Iredell County, the most of any other county bordering the lake.

There are approximately 45,000 registered boats on Lake Norman
Lake Norman has 6 law enforcement agencies working it’s waters

The NC Wildlife Resources Commission is the “primary” law enforcement on Lake Norman. It services all four (4) counties and is the primary investigating agency for all boating accidents on the lake.

There is a mutual aid agreement between the counties, which means that we can assist other counties as needed, and we can enforce the law equally across county lines on the lake.

Iredell County has two (2) “full time” lake enforcement positions, but also utilize our C.O.P’s and School Resource Officers during the busy summer months.
The Iredell County Sheriff’s Office has a 21 foot boat docked at Stutts Marina (South end of the lake) and a 25 foot boat docked at Lancaster’s on Perth Rd. (North end of the lake).
Some of the laws that we enforce include:

The Lake Patrol Officer attends the monthly meetings of the Lake Norman Marine Commission and presents a monthly report to the Board of Commissioners. You can follow the activities of the Lake Norman Marine Commission by .


Supervisors: Lt. Brian Fink, Sgt. Matt Burleyson, Sgt. Chris Smith

Deputies assigned to lake enforcement year round: Deputy Jim Elmore



The Training Section is comprised of one Captain and a core group of officers with primary duties throughout the department are certified as instructors and help supplement the training staff. The Training Section is responsible for providing the required training mandated to keep all law enforcement certifications current and enhance the officer survival skills of the department. In addition to mandated training, courses are continuously evaluated to provide employees with premium specialized blocks of instruction. Other responsibilities include but are not limited to: The hiring of new personnel, all promotional assessments through the rank of Lieutenant, the oversight of the Field Training Officers program and the procurement of all associated law enforcement equipment utilized by departmental personnel.


Training Coordinator and Personnel Director: Captain Randy Pearson

2010 Training Report (pdf format)
2009 Training Report (pdf format)
2008 Training Report (pdf format)
2006 Training Report (pdf format)
2005 Training Report (pdf format)




The Emergency Communications Center is a separate County Department and is not under the control of the Iredell County Sheriff's Office. The ECC does dispatch calls for service to the Iredell County Sheriff's Office and handles all 911 calls.

Supervisor: Brad Brawley



For More Information Contact:

Iredell County Sheriff's Office
230 N. Tradd St. Statesville, NC 28687
Tel: (704)878-3180
FAX: (704)878-5094