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Misty Dawn Goodman
Misty Dawn Goodman
Lance Gabriel Sigmon
Lance Gabriel Sigmon

Sheriff Phil Redmond stated: While conducting an investigation into the distribution of heroin throughout the southern end of Iredell County, detectives from the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Division arrested Lance Gabriel Sigmon, 37, and Misty Dawn Goodman, 24, of Troutman, NC for the possession of heroin, crack cocaine, and numerous items of drug paraphernalia. 

Detectives received information from numerous sources that Sigmon was one of the most preeminent heroin dealers in the Iredell County area, and after numerous hours of surveillance and interviews, detectives discovered that Sigmon would be bringing a large quantity of heroin from Charlotte to the Carrigan Road neighborhood in Troutman.  Detectives conducted a traffic stop on Sigmon and Goodman and seized a trafficking amount of heroin, as well as quantities of crack cocaine, which were concealed in various locations about the vehicle and on the suspects’ persons.  The narcotics seized have a street value of over $1,600.00.

Prior to this arrest, Sigmon was already facing pending charges for trafficking in heroin and the sale of heroin to an undercover officer, during which investigations nearly a half ounce of heroin was recovered from Sigmon and several of his collaborators in the heroin trafficking organization. 

Sigmon was charged with two counts of Trafficking Opium or Heroin and is being held at the Iredell County Detention Center under a $400,000.00 secured bond.  Goodman was charged with two counts of Trafficking Opium or Heroin and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and is being held at the Iredell County Detention Center under a $150,000.00 secured bond.  Additional charges are pending for both suspects.

It remains the focus of the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Division to continue the pursuit of high level drug traffickers such as Sigmon, and of the street level persons that he supplied, especially those who provide such destructive substances to the citizens of Iredell County.  The investigation is ongoing and additional arrests are anticipated.




Michael Dewayne Honaker
Michael Dewayne Honaker

Iredell Sheriff’s Detectives arrested Michael Dewayne Honaker, 26 years of age, Craig St. Statesville, July 23, 2014 for Felony Assault with a Deadly Weapon Inflicting Serious Injury, Felony Assault Inflicting Serious Bodily Injury, and Felony Infant Child Abuse causing Serious Bodily Injury. 

On July 17, 2014, the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office was notified that a 2 month old infant was being treated at Iredell Memorial Hospital for possible child abuse.  The child was in respiratory distress and possibly had a subdural bleed.  The child was transported by helicopter to Levine’s Children’s Hospital in Charlotte.  It was discovered that the child had a subdural hematoma and extensive bilateral retinal hemorrhages, both symptoms which are indicators that the child may have been abused by being shaken. 

After conferring with physicians at Levine’s and interviewing multiple family members, Det. Sgt.’s Brian Fink and Amy Dyson, charged Michael Dewayne Honaker, the child’s father, with Felony Assault with a Deadly Weapon Inflicting Serious Injury, Felony Assault Inflicting Serious Bodily Injury, and Felony Infant Child Abuse causing Serious Bodily Injury.  Honaker was placed in the Iredell County Detention Center under a $300,000 bond.  The child was originally listed in critical but stable condition, but has been upgraded to stable condition.  He does have serious injuries and is going to require lengthy medical treatment.  It is too early to determine what, if any, long term medical problems the child will have. 




Eleazar Gonzalez
Eleazar Gonzalez

Sheriff Phil Redmond stated: The Iredell County Sheriff’s Office in conjunction with NC State Bureau of Investigations (SBI), Davie County Sheriff’s Office, Triad ABC Police, Winston Salem Police Department, and the US Homeland Security Investigations concluded a three month long joint investigation with the arrest of Eleazar Gonzalez.
The investigation began when the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office began receiving information about an unknown person who was selling large quantities of Cocaine around the Davie County/Iredell County Line.

Eventually undercover officers with Iredell Co Sheriff’s Office and US Homeland Security Investigations were able to make several undercover drug transactions with Gonzalez.
Undercover Officers purchased in excess of 263 grams of Cocaine from Gonzalez. The street value of the Cocaine purchased is over $65,000.00.

Eventually after conducting surveillance on Gonzalez it was determined that he lived in the Winston Salem area. The Winston Salem Police Department along with Triad ABC Police began conducting surveillance on Gonzalez in the Winston Salem area.
On 07-18-2014, the Winston Salem Police Department along with the Triad ABC Police executed a search warrant at Gonzalez’s residence. During the search 174 grams of Cocaine was located along with $4,000.00 in US Currency. The street value of the Cocaine seized from the residence is in excess of $43,000.00.

 Eleazar Gonzalez was arrested on the scene and later transported to the Iredell County Jail. He was charged with six counts of Trafficking Cocaine. Winston Salem Police Department also charged him with one count of Trafficking Cocaine.

Eleazar Gonzalez received a $200.000.00 secured bond. The investigation is great example of multiple Law Enforcement Agencies sharing their assets and working together. The investigation is still on going and more arrest is to follow.




Shelby Allen
Shelby Allen

Sheriff Phil Redmond stated: On June 7th, 2013 the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office received a report in reference to Financial Transaction Card Fraud.  The case was assigned to Detective Sergeant Scott Maple of the Economic Crime Unit to be investigated.  The victims in this case reported to the sheriff’s office that Shelby Allen, 30, of Charlotte, N.C. had worked for them and used the business debit card for personal use.  The victims further stated that Mr. Allen had used the debit card to purchase several items from online merchants and to pay his personal electric bill, all of which, totaled $13,398.24.  Upon further investigation, after reviewing the evidence provided by the victims, it was found that several items were shipped to the business and taken by Mr. Allen for his own use and that other items were shipped directly to his residence. 

Based on the information obtained, detectives were able to charge Mr. Allen with Financial Transaction Card Fraud and Embezzlement.  Mr. Allen was arrested on July 18th, 2014, given a $500.00 secured bond and a future court date.  At this time, other charges may be forthcoming, as part of the crime occurred in Charlotte.




Douglas Richard Kraus
Douglas Richard Kraus

Starting in May 2014 Iredell County Sheriff’s Office Detective Sergeant W.G. Hayes started investigating a report that was filed where a suspect had stolen landscaping lights and other decorative landscaping items from a community off of Perth Road in Mooresville, NC. While investigating that incident Detective Hayes received four other reports in June 2014 where suspect had stolen landscape lighting and other decorative items from communities. The other communities are located in Mooresville, NC on Lake Norman. In three of the cases witnesses were able to give Detective Hayes a good description of suspect and the vehicle suspect was driving. It was determined that suspect was posing as a landscape worker and the reason he didn’t drawn attention to himself was because there are landscaping crews always working in the different communities. The description and how crime occurred in all cases matched. Detective Hayes then spoke with several landscaping businesses that provided lawn care to communities on Lake Norman and was provided names of possible suspects. One of the names that Detective Hayes was given is Douglas Richard Kraus 25 of Vantage Point Ln. Huntersville.

Detective Hayes after learning the names of possible suspects was able to get a positive identification of suspect Kraus and the vehicle he was driving from witnesses that live in the communities where incidents occurred.  Detective Hayes and Detective Gregory then went to speak with Mr. Kraus at his residence.  While there at the residence detectives noticed a white in color Dodge Ram truck fitting the exact description that witnesses had previously given. Detectives weren’t able to locate the suspect Kraus. Detective Hayes attempted to locate suspect Kraus on several other different occasions however Kraus was avoiding law enforcement. Detective Hayes was able to obtain warrants for suspect Kraus arrest on June 24th 2014 for Felony Larceny, Misdemeanor Larceny, and Injury to Personal Property.

 Detective Hayes during his investigation and attempting to locate suspect Kraus worked along with Detectives from Cornelius Police Department and Huntersville Police Department. On Friday July 18, 2014 suspect Kraus was placed into custody without incident. Kraus was then transported to the Iredell County Detention Center and is being held under a $50,000.00 secured bond. The investigation is still an ongoing investigation in reference to Harboring a Fugitive and crimes that occurred in other jurisdictions of larceny of landscape items.    



About the Sheriff

Phillip H. Redmond - Iredell County Sheriff
Phillip H. Redmond
Iredell County Sheriff
Phillip H. Redmond has served as Sheriff of Iredell County since being elected in 1994. Sheriff Redmond began his career in Law Enforcement at the Iredell County Sheriff's Office in 1974. His first position with the office was as a Jailer. He was soon promoted to a Road Patrol position. He continued through the ranks, gaining experience in the Criminal Investigation Division and becoming a supervisor. He served as Chief Deputy under Sheriff Leroy Reavis. This experience greatly enhances his ability to direct the Sheriff's Office to fulfill its mission.

Sheriff Redmond is aggressive in his approach to fighting crime and the war on drugs. He has established new programs that have increased the Office's ability to respond and investigate crime. "As a father of four children, I have a strong personal conviction to work energetically to attack our country's drug problem", said Sheriff Redmond. "Our children are our most precious resource."

The Iredell County Sheriff's Office is committed to providing professional law enforcement services to the citizens and visitors in Iredell County.

Sheriff Phil Redmond became Iredell County’s Sheriff in 1994 and has 38 years law enforcement experience.

First and foremost, Sheriff Redmond’s number one priority is to keep the citizens of Iredell County safe.

Sheriff Redmond is leading his office in a rapidly growing County, divided by two major Interstate Highways, I-77 and I-40. Those major highways bring people through our county daily. Some of those people transport large quantities of illegal drugs, stolen property or other contraband. The Sheriff’s “Interstate Criminal Enforcement Team” has been a powerhouse in curtailing those illegal activities, seizing large sums of money and large quantities of illegal drugs. With those seizures, Drug Interdiction Funds have been made available to further expand the work being done by Sheriff Redmond and the Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Redmond is onboard with E.P.I.C. (El Paso Intelligence Center) which tracks drug traffickers from the borders of Mexico into the United States. Out of a 15-member board of directors, our office holds one of those positions.

Sheriff Redmond implemented the A.C.E. (Aggressive Criminal Enforcement) unit to focus on street level drug dealers and other problem areas in the county.  Drug Interdiction Funding has brought about even more sophisticated technology and equipment to be used in the fight against crime throughout our county. Since Sheriff Redmond has been in office, his officers has taken more than $176.7 million in drugs and more than $9.2 million in cash from the drug dealers in, or coming through Iredell County.

As Sheriff Redmond is looking forward to the future of the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office he will continue to pursue the drug runners, dealers and users in and through Iredell County.

During Sheriff Redmond’s 19 years as Sheriff in Iredell County, many strides have been taken and many hurdles jumped to bring the Sheriff’s Office into the 21st century.

Some of the accomplishments Redmond has made as Sheriff include adding MDT (mobile data terminals), in car cameras, 800mhz radios with statewide coverage, additional (K-9 units) to the force to make it easier for officers to communicate, document and apprehend criminals for successful prosecution in our courts. Redmond has worked with County Commissioners to install a new Sheriff’s sub-station in the Iredell County Government Center South, located in Mooresville. This sub-station allows citizens of the southern end of the County to conduct business with the Sheriff’s Office, such as reporting crimes, gun permits, fingerprints for employment etc.

As Iredell County continues to experience rapid growth, the Sheriff has continued to meet that growth with his vision and planning for his first-class Sheriff’s Office and specially trained employees, and continues to be on top in his field. 

Sheriff Redmond has provided thousands of hours training each year for his deputies at a level never before available to the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office, and has provided technology similar to that seen in television programming, such as “C.S.I. (Crime Scene Investigation)”. Such training is a must in today’s law enforcement world. Redmond has continually sought grant funding to help our Crime Lab grow. We now provide a criminal evidence processing center where fingerprints, blood, drugs and other evidence can be processed in our county. Now the SBI lab is backlogged more than a year-and-a- half on processing evidence submitted.

Through the efforts of Sheriff Redmond, our website has been made available to the public.  is the site where all types of information and links to access law updates and specifics to the laws of North Carolina are made available to the public. This site provides various topics of information on the work of the Sheriff’s Office and is available 24 hours a day.

A recap of accomplishments through Sheriff Redmond’s tenure, we should start with the stand he took against a Judge in our district that had attempted to take the word “God” out of the courtroom. Sheriff Redmond took a stand when most political figures would not. He took a stand on the beliefs in which our forefathers stood when writing the constitution for our Country.

During the last 19 years Sheriff Redmond’s office was recognized for presenting the most federal drug charges in our 31-county district, by the US attorney’s office.

He was the 2nd in the state to implement the Sex Offender Watch Program where citizens of Iredell County can go on-line and check for registered sex offenders within one mile of their residence; this service is available 24 hours a day. He also has two full-time detectives that check the status of sex offenders in the county by personally checking their current residence and keeping track of where and when they move. Sheriff Redmond has worked with NC House members and the General Assembly on making Sex Offender laws to where sex offenders that move into our State from other areas are required to register as a sex offender in our State.

During the past 10 years Sheriff Redmond sought grant monies to fund the C.O.P.s (Community Oriented Police) unit in the Brawley School, Langtree Rd areas as well as Perth Rd, Hwy 21 South sections of Iredell County where growth is overwhelming. These units are designed to provide quality service, quicker response and community-oriented deputies to their areas of the county. Due to the rapid growth in both population and traffic, Sheriff Redmond and the citizens in those areas are working together in an effort to accomplish a common goal of community safety and awareness.

In the C.O.P.s area 9 officers are assigned to bike, motorcycle and road patrol and Lake Enforcement to assure all areas are served.

Sheriff Redmond has expanded his emphasis on proactive crime prevention by expanding the G.R.E.A.T. (Gang Resistance Education and Training) program into the 7th grade in an effort to reduce gangs in Iredell County. He has also implemented programs where the S.R.O.s (School Resource Officers) are in all the High Schools, Middle schools and the Monticello Alternative School in the county. Now those schools have more resources for being in the classrooms talking to students about safety, traffic laws and general safety issues without taking away from their core curriculum. He also has K-9 officers to make random checks through the schools to curtail weapons and drugs on campus.

Sheriff Redmond has worked with the State and has been able to lease the 21 North Prison Camp for $1 per year, to alleviate the overcrowding at our current site, saving the taxpayers money on new construction.

Sheriff Redmond has implemented a disaster mobilization plan for the Sheriff’s Office, where in the event of a major disaster in the county, Deputies know where they are to report and be stationed. With our mobile command post we can maintain 911 service, as well as communication with the field officer and other agencies while maintaining quality service to the community. With other disasters such as tornadoes, floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters, Sheriff Redmond has implemented a disaster relief unit comprised of both sworn and non-sworn staff that is ready to respond with debris removal, generators and other implements to open the roads quicker and assist in recovery efforts. He has used drug seizure monies to build an airplane hangar for the Civil Air Patrol where we would have immediate access to air support for recovery efforts in the event of a disaster or emergency. All the equipment was paid for by drug-seized monies.

Sheriff Redmond has successfully implemented a special victims unit  to aid in the investigation and provides needed assistance for the victim and prosecution of the offender.

Nationally 50.3% of violent crimes and 20.2% of property crimes are cleared by arrest.

Sheriff Redmond’s statistics far exceed the national average. In 2004 the Sheriff’s Office cleared 82% of the violent crimes and 35% of the property crimes, which well exceeds the national average and is competitive with surrounding agencies in the clearance of violent crimes but far exceeds their numbers in property crime clearance rates.

Sheriff Redmond is continuing to search for new ideas and technologies to serve the citizens of Iredell County in the philosophy of Community Policing, where together we can make a difference in our communities.

2009 alone I have expanded the Interstate Criminal Enforcement (ICE) unit in order to have deputies locating drug dealers and users traveling along our Interstates and Highways. I have also added 2 deputies through grant funding in an effort to work with the communities in the southern end of the county to reduce traffic issues and make our roads safer.

Sheriff Redmond used $513,000.00 of asset forfeiture monies to purchase 15 new vehicles for our Office to replace those that have excessive mileage on them. I will also use forfeiture monies to enhance our Crime Lab to process evidence quicker and put the suspects in jail in a timely manner.

Sheriff Redmond over the last 2 years worked with other law enforcement agencies such as Statesville Police combining forces to enhance the counties fight against domestic violence, gangs and drug interdiction and make Iredell county a safer place to live. We also have mutual aid agreements with other counties in the state to follow up on Drug trafficking and other major crimes.

In 2010 Sheriff Redmond expanded the Community Policing program where a deputy will be trained and placed in each section, possibly areas where they live, to work with communities in their area in reducing crime and working on strategies to make our county safe. We currently have this program Troutman South and it has been a success.

Sheriff Redmond is now the longest consecutive term Sheriff in the History of Iredell County.

Sheriff Redmond is working to make Iredell County the safest place in which to live, work and raise a family or operate a business.

County Seat:      Statesville           Population:   160,000+           Square Miles:     598




Mission Statement

Mission Statement

We are committed to making our County a safe place to live, raise a family, to be employed, to worship and to enjoy recreation.

OUR MISSION is to provide law enforcement services to the citizens of Iredell County, serving our community through crime prevention, drug enforcement, aggressive patrols and education.


The Iredell County Sheriff's Office exists to serve all people within our jurisdiction with respect, fairness and compassion. To fulfill our mission, the Iredell County Sheriff's Office is dedicated to providing a quality work environment and the development of its members through effective training, leadership and career development.



  • Upholding the Constitution of the United States of America and the State of North Carolina.
  • Respecting the rights of all individuals through ethical and humanitarian principals.
  • Commitment to integrity and reliability.
  • Recognizing the importance of each individual employee.
  • Maintaining a work environment where employees can grow professionally.
  • Remembering that through the Iredell County Sheriff's Office, we work for all of the citizens of Iredell County.




Administrative Staff

Phillip H. Redmond, Sheriff

Rick Dowdle, Chief Deputy, School Resource Officers, Lake Enforcement

Captain Clarence Harris, Narcotics/ I.C.E. / A.C.E.

Major Marty Byers, Patrol Division / Criminal Warrant Service Unit, K-9, Civil Process, Admin

Captain Mike Phillips, Crime Scene Tech, Crime Lab, Grants

Captain Bert Connolly, Detention Operations / Court Bailiff’s, Road Crew

Major Darren Campbell, Criminal Investigations, A.C.E, I.C.E., Special Victims Unit, C.O.P.’s, Narcotics, S.E.R.T. Media relations

Captain Randy Pearson, Enforcement Training / Personnel, Special projects coordinator

Captain Julie Gibson, Domestic Violence, Juvenile crimes, Special Victims Unit

Captain Rick Eades, Detention Training & Personnel, Crime Prevention




Contact Information

Please contact the Iredell County Sheriff's Office if you have questions or concerns about law enforcement related issues in Iredell County. You may also contact us if you have information related to a crime in Iredell County. All information provided will remain anonymous. 

Statesville Office:
Postal address 
P.O. Box 287
230 N. Tradd St.
Statesville, NC 28687
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Mooresville Office:
Postal address 
610 E. Center Avenue
Mooresville, NC 28115
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