Church Shield/Church Safety Program

The Iredell County Sheriff’s Office has developed a class we call “Church Shield”. This course is composed of two separate classes.

The first section of the class covers all areas of Church or House of Worship Safety. The class allows us to walk you through the establishing of a security or safety team. We bring issues to the forefront of conservation, such as what assets do you have or need to have, who needs or wants security in the church, communications both internal and external, concealed carry issues as they pertain to the church and the church grounds, and what to do and expect if an incident occurs at your facility.

The second section covers the concealed carry laws of North Carolina and how they pertain to the church, and the members. This class is taught by experienced concealed carry trainers and those versed in North Carolina’s Concealed Carry Law.

These two classes combined are about three hours in length. We can bring our instructors to your church or facility.

If time is of concern, the first section of this class can be taught as a stand-alone class.

If you are interested in scheduling this class or want more information, please call 704-878-3180 and ask for Sheriff Campbell or you can email him at