Fee Schedule

Separating Waste
All items listed for disposal are to be separated according to the categories listed. Waste materials received at the Iredell County Landfill not separated will be refused permission to unload or charged at a higher rate. Remember, incoming loads should be separated at the source, (factories and homes) not at the landfill.

The Solid Waste Facility is operated as an enterprise fund that requires its’ own revenue to operate. Fees are charged to business and industry. All business firms and institutions creating municipal solid waste will be charged as follows:


Type of Waste
Animals $110 per ton
Asbestos $110 per ton (friable)
​$35 per ton (non-friable)
No charge - under 8" in diameter
​$35 per ton over 8" in diameter
Commercial $35 per ton
$5 per loader bucket
​(All quantities in excess of one pick up load)
Demolition $35 per ton
Electronics $10 per CRT television or monitor
$35 per ton
Road Material $12 per ton with approval only
Shingles $15 per ton for clean recyclable shingles
​$35 per ton for non-recyclable shingles
Special Handling $35 flat fee per occurrence
Tires $100 per ton (off rim)
​$150 per ton (on rim)
​$250 per ton (large equipment)


Type of Waste
Commercial $35 per ton
$35 per ton
Transportation Fee $10 per ton
Note: There is an additional $2 per ton fee applies to offset North Carolina Tip Tax.

Convenience Sites

Type of Waste
Demolition $5 per half pickup load;
$10 per full pickup load
Tires - 5 per year
No Charge
Household Availability Fees
  • $52 per household