County Manager

The County Manager is a professional administrator who oversees the day-to-day operations of county government on behalf of the Board of County Commissioners. The manager’s role is to give sound, objective advice to the elected Board who, in turn, makes policy decisions for the welfare of the citizens. Him and his management team then determine the most effective and efficient way to implement the Board’s directives, manage the various county departments, and develop and implement an annual budget.
Ron Smith, appointed by the Iredell County Board of Commissioners in July 2011, serves as the County Manager. In this role he works with both internal and external agencies to implement the directives and policies of the Board. Mr. Smith is also responsible for reporting the county’s financial, operational, and administrative activities to the Board of Commissioners.

Deputy County Manager

The Deputy County Manager is Beth Jones. Ms. Jones is responsible for assisting the County Manager in the coordination, planning, organization, direction, staffing, troubleshooting, implementation, evaluation and control of all organizational and functional elements of Iredell County.

Assistant to the County Manager

The Assistant to the County Manager is Ben Stikeleather. Mr. Stikeleather is responsible for assisting the County Manager in the implementation of the mission of Iredell County, administering and coordinating County programs and activities, and researching best practices and improvement strategies for Iredell County.

County Attorney

Lisa Valdez is the Board-appointed County Attorney. Ms. Valdez acts as the legal counsel for the Board and provides legal guidance to other county departments when necessary.

Ron Smith

County Manager Ron Smith

Beth Jones

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Ben Stikeleather

Ben Stikeleather