What if I need to pick up my child early, before the camps are back at the school sites?
It is best to notify the staff as early as possible if you will need to pick up your child prior to the return at the sites. The camp staff will not be able to change or delay the schedule to accommodate parents; however the parents may arrange to meet the camp at their activity location. We ask that parents call the Recreation Office to confirm the location of the camp at the time the child will need to be picked up. The camp may contact you in the event of a location change or early/late departure when they are aware that you are trying to meet them. Please do not call the camp cell phones. These numbers are not distributed to parents, as we have had problems in the past of parents making frequent calls for non-emergency purposes, thus limiting access in the event of an emergency, and also reducing the time that the counselors are able to spend directly with the campers. Please make all calls to the Recreation Office, and the office will make contact directly with the camp if necessary. Parents/guardians are still required to sign-out their child in the event of an early pick-up.

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